11 Best Ways to Waste Money on an Exotic Car

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If you already own a newer exotic car, then you know that these hand built machines do not compromise on design. Whether it’s a Mclaren 720s, Mercedes AMG GT S, Ferrari 488, Porsche 911.2 GTS, Audi R8 V10 plus Coupe or Lamborghini, an exotic car is a new realm of art and luxury.

These new cars offer a glimpse into the future of the exotic car industry, with fresh design elements and technology that’s making its way into mainstream dealerships. If you own an older model, and you are unhappy with some of the kits that have been installed, aftermarket upgrades are available.

From turbo charging of natural aspirated motors, exhaust and headers and ECU upgrades, to intelligent suspension lift systems, customizing your older exotic car has unlimited possibilities. Let’s face it, if you have already decided to spend a lot of money on a new or used sports car, then you’ll also need to know the 11 best ways to waste money on an exotic car.

Some of the owners of exotic cars will tell you that it’s not simply about power and speed. It’s also about the rareness, personal uniqueness and style. Most of all, it’s about the image, having the money to buy it and being able to make the bold statement of just how successful you are.

For others, it’s a passion for driving coupled with a need for power and speed. They buy these powerhouses to not only show off, but to take it to the track and run it. It’s a rush that you can get addicted to very quickly. Still others own them just because they love cars.

Many exotic cars are parked in a garage and rarely seen, because the owners want to personally enjoy them or because they bought them as an investment. The bottom line is that the manufacturers of exotic cars didn’t build them for the penny pinchers. The manufacturers built them for people who can afford the finest, most powerful and unique vehicles that money can buy.

Here are 11 Ways to Waste or Splurge Money on an Exotic Car:

1. Turbo Charging

Underground Racing Twin Turbo You can spend R1.5 Million on your Lamborghini to give it 2000hp if you want some real power. Underground Racing has introduced the first Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 and, for this kind of performance, nearly every component of the Lamborghini’s power plant has been tinkered with. Underground Racing has installed lighter aluminum race pistons, upgraded the connecting rods, added custom steel cylinder sleeves and changed most of the bearings. Other modifications include a custom twin turbo charger system, a high-flow stainless steel exhaust system, a pair of wastegates and blow-off-valves, new K&N air filters and a custom crankcase with inter cooler system. Topping it off are new fuel injectors monitored by an AEM engine management system. The Underground Racing TT Huracán is currently available as a bolt-on system, and driving it has to be experienced, and not explained.

2. HRE Performance Wheels

Exotic cars already come with the best of everything, including the wheels. However, if stock parts just aren’t good enough for you, then you could throw down R35 000 to R250 000 on a set of four HRE Performance Wheels. Why HRE Performance Wheels? Maybe it’s because these flashy wheels are for owners of fancy rides. Every wheel starts out as a gray 45Kg cylinder of aluminum. A combination of heat and pressure forges the aluminum into the shape of a solid wheel and alters the structure of the aluminum. This refining process creates a crystalline structure that is stronger and more durable. Once restructured, the piece is flow-formed and the surface that supports the tire is spun out with a hydraulic machine to further refine its shape. It’s then run through a milling machine where the wheel’s style is defined. The final step in the process is the prepping and powder coating that results in a finished product weighing only 9 to 12 Kgs.

3. Custom Brakes

The most important parts of the vehicle are the brakes. If you are planning to take your exotic car to the racetrack, then good brakes are as important as the powerful engine. Performance brakes provide shorter stopping distance and they don’t fade, so that the brakes work just as well at the end of the day as they did in the beginning.

your brakes could include: Braided steel brake lines, slotted or drilled rotors, brake pads with specific friction material and multi-piston calipers. However, for a real difference in braking, you’ll need a performance brake kit, and if you want to accentuate the outstanding rims, you can just custom paint the calipers. You can pick a color that matches your paint job, or choose a contrasting color to really make them stand out. The estimated cost of the upgrade is between R35 000 and R80 000.

4. Full Vehicle Clear Bra

If you want to keep the paint on your exotic car looking new, then for about R50 000, you can install a full vehicle clear bra. This durable and invisible film will protect your Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche from scratches caused by rocks, sticks, sand and any anything else that might hit your car while on the roads. Although nothing will protect against all dings and scratches, a layer of clear bra can make your car more resistant to blemishes.

apply a coating of clear bra to your exotic car, you will not have to worry about any special cleaning or maintenance. You can wash and wax your car normally, just like you always would, and thanks to advanced research and development, clear bra protection is practically invisible. It will leave your car unaltered, including design features, textures and color. Everything will be left looking exactly like it did before application, but with a higher level of durability and protection.

5.Matte Black Paint or Full Car Wrap

If you have really deep pockets, you can customize your exotic car with an R80 000 to R12000 matte black paint job. Or, if you want all the advantages of black matte without the high-end costs, you can opt for a black matte car wrap for about half the cost. A full car wrap can be achieved at a fraction of what a custom paint job normally costs and, unlike custom paint, if your exotic car is ever damaged, you can simply have the damaged section replaced on your car without the hassle and cost of custom painting.

Anywhere you go today, exotic cars are sporting luxurious matte finishes thanks to the advancements in matte lamination and premium vinyl films. Many of the major manufacturers that offer matte lamination and matte films also make matte wrap materials in other colors like red, gray, gunmetal, blue and silver.

6. Carbon Fiber Kits

How do you take something that is already sexy, exciting and rare, and make it even better? Simple, you upgrade to a custom fiber kit to make it even more sexy, exciting and rare. You can even take on an active role in the design process by picking out individual colors, weaves, styles and finishes. The good news is that you don’t have to

A huge variety of carbon fiber parts are available on the markets. Whether it’s interior or exterior, carbon fiber parts are available for most of the world’s most luxurious and exotic sports cars.

7. Aerodynamic Upgrades

Aerodynamics is the motion of air, especially when it interacts with a moving object. Whether it’s a Lamborghini, Ferrari 456,488, Mercedes AMG GT S, Porsche 911 GTS or an Audi R8 V10 plus Coupe, you’ll want to make sure that whatever aesthetics you decide for your vehicle are in fact the ultimate that sets you apart from others when reducing drag.

include front air dams made from prepreg carbon fiber materials that integrates with the front bumper, increases high-speed stability and reduces front-end lift. You might opt for adjustable wings in single element, dual element or swan neck configurations that provide down-force made from carbon fiber materials that are strong and lightweight. Then there’s the option of front bumper canards and rear diffusers that integrate with the front and rear bumpers to reduce overall drag and lift. The approximate cost of these accessories is R25 000 to R100 000.

8. Custom Exhaust Systems

The exotic car owner not only strives for excellence in the exterior and interior of their vehicle, but the automobile also has to sound good to them. Tubi Style is a company recognized by owners for its exceptional handcrafted exhaust systems. Exotic car owners have a passion for high performance automobiles whose exhaust systems translates raw engine noise into music. Tubi Style devotes their time and efforts into developing and manufacturing the most unique sounding and highest quality exhaust systems on the market today.

You simply cannot go wrong with Tubi Style. It is guaranteed to deliver the perfect blend of sound performance, and there’s only one way to experience what makes Tubi Style exhaust systems the best on the market: Just install one on your favorite exotic car. The approximate cost is R50 000-R150 000

9. Suspension Lift System

Tired of the front lip of your exotic car getting scratched or chipping the paint off? Then you’re going to need a solution for when you drive over speed bumps and in and out of driveways with a suspension lift system that can save you a lot of time and money.

purchase a suspension lift system that easily fits into your existing suspension system. It must provide up to 3.5″ of lift, be designed to be maintenance free, preserve the vehicle’s performance and be reliable enough to last the lifetime of the car. You’ll also need to ensure that the kit is of high quality components and materials such as aerospace grade material, and an air filter system that prevents possible fluid backup in air lines or water buildup in the air tank. The average cost is R100 000 to R250000

10. Custom Upholstery

For the exotic car owner, the inside of the car has to look as good as the outside. The best way to achieve this goal is by having custom leather upholstery. You’ll want the very best leathers stitched by a reputable dealer that has connections to the finest upholsterers in the business.

well known to produce a beautiful, luxurious interior to the point of excellence, along with exposed machined aluminum details. Based on your specific needs like custom colors and specific textures, the leathers produced by Gruppo Dani are put through rigorous testing that ensures quality and durability. And, identical spares can be reproduced that are guaranteed to match anything. However, this kind of elegance doesn’t come cheap. You should expect to pay anywhere between R100 000 to R200 000  depending on your tastes.

11. Exotic Car Garage

Whether you rent out space or custom build your garage, you are going to need a place for your exotic cars to call home. Typical rentals come with many options for size and location for about R1500 per square Meter, or about R100 000 per month for a 140m X 140m unit. You’ll want to make sure the unit is designed for exotic cars, is fitted with lifts and has ample stacked storage space. The garage should also have 150 amp electric, be climate controlled and have amenities such as a sprinkler system, CO2 detectors, water and flood drains and, of course, 24-hour security.

Or, you could just design and build your own man cave. For example, you could create a four room insulated garage that includes heating and air conditioning, as well as built-in cabinets. You would want to fireproof the structure and could include amenities such as cable or satellite television becoming the envy of your friends.

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