BMW z4 for Kia Picanto money

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The BMW Z4, is currently very much undervalued in terms of bang for buck, you get a sleek German roadster with quality engineering and great reliability, an early 2006-2007 model will set you back in the region for 120-140k and for the higher end you’ll get a neat lower Km car with some neat extras like sat Nav and 18″ wheels and tyres, the folding tops on these cars are bullet proof and give very little to no issues, the 2.5 and 3.0L models are lots of fun to drive and extremely solid motors. The 2.5is manual is significantly lighter on fuel than the more common 3.0L Automatic, but the 3.0L does offer an additional 25kws, which for the enthusiastic driver is worth the extra fuel spend.

So if you’re in the market for a 2 seater convertible but can’t justify spending R500k on a Late model roadster take a look at the Z4, its an impressive car and hasn’t aged much in almost 10 years.

Its great value, reliable and fun to drive!


Avg Service costs : R1500

Avg Brake pad Replacement inc Installation : R900

Service interval : 15000kms / yearly


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