Cape Town Killarney Motorshow 2017

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Killarney racecourse is a race track situated in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

This was my first time attending the motorshow, as i missed the first one last year, and boy was i excited…

With weather predictions at 80% rainfall, I was hoping the showers didn’t keep any potential motorshow goers in bed on Sunday 15th October 2017. I did, however, look at things on the bright side, my natural filters(the clouds) covering most of the harsh spring sunlight, what photographer wouldn’t smile from ear to ear?

I met up with my Swift Crew at the place with the big yellow M, not too far from the track, in order for us to convoy together. On our way I saw some classic cars making their way to the event and that’s when I knew “Today is a good day…” like Ice Cube would say.
We made it to gate 3, where a ‘quick’ long line, in between car and bike manufacturers, show cars and many clubs awaited us. Just about after setting up our banner, an expected drizzle arrived. I added another clothing layer and took a quick walk around before the gates opened and flooded the track with hundreds, maybe even thousands of enthusiasts. I was making my way around, when the heavens opened, filling the track with much needed water for the Western Cape. I ran back to my car, grabbed my umbrella and tried getting some possible rain shots, of which many came out ‘not so nice’, due to the drops on the lens looking like smudges, obviously, some I didn’t mind using.
After about 30 minutes to an hour the clouds made way for the sun to dry up my pants and soaking shoes. Everyone got out of their cars and started wiping them down for the second, maybe even third time, but the great sports that everyone is, I’m sure they didn’t mind.

I unfortunately didn’t participate in things like test driving new vehicles, karting or PS4ing, but I did indulge in many lovely dishes from an array of food trucks and cape malay pop up stores for some koeksisters.

Sunday is after all cheat day!

And with all that being said, jump into my 50mm and enjoy every shutter with me!

By: Cheslin Solomons

photography: Cheslin Solomons

Instagram: ches1992

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