Ford Will Sell You GT350 Parts for Your Plain Mustang GT

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Ford now offers a trio of performance options to upgrade your Mustang while retaining the factory warranty.

Ford has announced via their Performance website today that it will be offering performance upgrade calibrations for the 2016-2017 Mustang GT. If you want more power out of your ‘Stang but want to keep the factory warranty, you’ll want to keep reading.

The ‘performance packs,’ as they’re called, offer as much as 37 horsepower over stock, and come with a variety of intake-related hardware upgrades. There are three levels to choose from, ranging from a tune and an air filter, to a full Shelby GT350 cold-air intake and manifold kit. Every level gets a calibration, which includes a no-lift shift feature.

 The cheapest option will be available by the beginning of August, but the kits are only being sold to North American customers at this point and are in the pipe lines for South African owners(sorry European owners). Packs are available for both automatic and manual Mustangs, and the calibrations actually include optimized shifting performance for auto-equipped cars.

If you’re looking to inch out that last tenth of a second at the autocross, or just want to feel some extra oomph from your Mustang without giving up that precious factory warranty, there’s finally a solution.

From: AR Revista

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