How to warm motorcycle up in hot weather

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Motorcycle start failure usually occurs in cold winter; however, this failure also occurs in the hot summer. To solve this problem, we are now doing a brief analysis on all kinds of technology of motorcycle engine warming and relevant matters.

In the hot summer, the temperature is generally more than 30 . Due to the change of temperature, the heat dissipation performance of engine become worse, especially in the high-traffic areas of cities and towns, where motorcycle is often in a situation of starting and stopping. Working condition of motorcycle engine will be worse when climbing or crossing over the bridge. The running speed is low while engine speed is high so the cooling volume will reduce accordingly. Sometimes motorcycle occurs an emergency stop suddenly running at a high speed. These above situations will dramatically increase the thermal load of engine and cause the excess heat hard to send out. At this point, the temperature inside the air cylinder will rise rapidly, the inlet temperature will rise to about 70  to 80 , the temperature inside the carburetor float chamber will rise to about 70  and the air density will drop sharply.

When checking the failure of difficult start for a warm car, you need to observe when motorcycle engine has stalled. If it stalls in a sudden and there is blasting phenomenon at exhaust pipe at the moment of stalling, this should be the failure of ignition system. If it stalls little by little, and the engine is obviously powerless before installing, this should be the failure of oil supply system. Thus, proper maintenance and reasonable usage of motorcycle is very necessary so as to avoid these failures. Please pay attention to the following tips:

  1. After driving the motorcycle for a long-distance or at a high speed, you need to downshift and speed down the motorcycle before you want to stop it, so as to ensure the engine can gradually reduce its load and emit the high temperature and heat before stopping. The check standard is that the crankcase part is not hot and can be touched. Unless there is an emergency, you should avoid emergency stop in the process of high-speed driving.
  2. In the midsummer, you should drive the motorcycle in a moderate speed under high gear and make the accelerator 10% more than the economic speed upper limit. When the speed drops to 10% of the economic speed lower limit, you need to accelerate slowly until 10% of the economic speed upper limits. Thus, the motorcycle is always in the circulation from low, medium to high speed or from high, medium to low speed. This will make full use of the inertia power of the motorcycle so as to save fuel, and can put the engine change from load to offload frequently which will avoid overheat of the parts and engine will also get reasonable cooling.
  3. If the motorcycle is in long driving, in addition to the rational utilization of inertial effect, you should also avoid drive motorcycle around midday. Because it is extremely hot in the midday, the temperature on asphalt or concrete road can reach 40  to 50 , which can suddenly rise the inlet temperature and make air density decline dramatically, then, combustible mixture gas will be too thick and it will be very difficult to start the engine.
  4. To avoid overheat of the engine; you need to clean the cover of engine and crankcase regularly and remove the dirt or mud outside the engine, especially cooling fin. For those motorcycles driving after ten thousand of kilometers, you need to do the maintenance before entering the summer and clear the carbon deposit inside the combustion chamber, spark plug, piston and piston rings.
  5. Maintain and clean air filter regularly so as to reduce air inlet resistance, which will keep the motorcycle well. Must check oil level before daily driving, don’t add too much so as not to increase the crankshaft running resistance, which will impact heat dissipation for crankcase. Change new engine oil before entering the summer and make sure its viscosity grade meet the local standard. DO NOT mix engine oil from different brand or different viscosity, which will make the oil produce chemical reaction and cause oxidation, then the engine, will be overheating and result difficult of warm starting.
  6. When the mixture gas is too thick, there should be a higher ignition voltage, which is why it is not easy to be ignited. Thus, you can full open the throttle valve so as to thin the mixture gas. In a short period after starting the engine, you can raise the idle speed which is slightly higher than the standard speed until the engine speed is stable. In order to ensure a reasonable air fuel ratio, which can match the engine operating conditions, you should make some proper adjustment of the carburetor. Under normal circumstances, when the temperature rise 5 , 20  as the benchmark, you need to turn gas bolt of carburetor a quarter to a half back to the original standard circle. The actual circle number of gas bolt is judged by NOT stalled after accelerating when starting a cooling motorcycle.
  7. To avoid the air lock phenomenon of motorcycle in hot summer, you need to make sure there is at least 70% fuel inside the fuel tank. Add the fuel at a regular time and prevent an empty fuel tank. Choose a flat and broad road so as to reduce the severe shake inside the motorcycle fuel pump. At the same time, pay attention to the connect joint between the fuel rubber hose and carburetor, avoid flat joint so as to fundamentally eliminate the air lock phenomenon.
  8. If there are still failures even after several attempts to start the motorcycle, then you should measure and record the resistance value of ignition coil, trigger coil and other electrical parts while the motorcycle is still warm, and redo this after the motorcycle cool down. If there is a big difference between the cooling condition and warm condition, that means the insulation performance of the part is becoming worse and need to be replaced. If it is not the electrical fault after checking, then you can move the motorcycle to a cool and ventilated place and wait for the engine to full of cool downBusiness Management Articles, then you can restart the motorcycle.

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