Impreza Concept Looks Great and Teases All Future Subarus, Skin to Bones

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 And it will be made in the good ole U.S.A.

Subaru revealed the Impreza sedan concept at the L.A. Auto Show, and we must say, it looks pretty good! The company had already released a concept of a hatchback version at the Tokyo Auto Show, but we’re glad to see that the four-door maintains the same styling. Of course, the production version will vary from the concept (door handles are nice to have, after all) and will likely be a bit boxier (it is a Subaru), but this sleeker Scoobie is at least a good indicator of the brand’s new direction.


The car maker didn’t share too many details at the press conference, but it did say that the Impreza will ride on a new platform. Following the lead of other car makers trying to increase manufacturing efficiency, this new platform will be shared with all future Subaru models. Will that include the WRX, which Subaru tried to distance platform-wise last generation? We have an email out to see.

Production of the Impreza will begin in 2016, and the car will be available to the public later in the year. The Impreza will also be made in Subaru’s U.S. production plant, located in Indiana, and Subaru estimates it should create 1200 jobs.

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