InspectaCar changing the pre-owned vehicle game.

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In its efforts to provide customers with peace of mind, InspectaCar has implemented a number of new systems and protocols to ensure buying and selling pre-owned vehicles is as safe and easy as possible.

The WesBank-certified franchise has upgraded its website to enable customers to enjoy a large part of their buying journeys from the safety and comfort of their homes. Customers can go on line to the website, select the vehicle of their choice, in the area of their choice and are even able to choose from a variety of financing options and Value Added Products (VAPS). The website is integrated with all InspectaCar dealers.

First in a line-up of new additions to the website is the exciting news that private individuals can now sell their own vehicle via a newly created portal. This new feature enables private persons the ability to advertise their own vehicle via the portal. It’s a seamless and easy process. All the seller needs to do is complete a list of requirements on the online form, upload a photo of the vehicle and the digital process facilitates the rest. The absolute convenience of this new development endorses InspectaCar’s one stop shop, digital and in store offering.

InspectaCar dealers have confirmed that a number of customer interactions are in fact being conducted online. Vehicle finance with “I-Contract” as well as VAPS are being activated digitally, saving the customer time with paperwork as well as facilitating a safe environment for them to transact, with final vehicle deliveries being done once all formalities are completed.

Test drives are also being offered to customers at their preferred location. Only one person drives the vehicle with a dealer staff member sitting in the rear seat to ensure maximum distancing. Vehicles are fully sanitised after every test drive.

InspectaCar dealers are committed to providing a wide choice of quality pre-owned cars, in a safe and hygienic environment, by using the latest technologies to allow them to transact digitally, ensuring that their experience is convenient and seamless,” says Pertunia Sibanyoni, CEO of InspectaCar.

We are cautiously optimistic and remain flexible to cater to the growing demand in the used car environment. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our dealer partners, employees and customers. All 21 InspectaCar dealerships began operations mid-May, with a set of strict guidelines that clearly state what the new norm of operating and selling will be for the foreseeable future.”



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