Introducing the new Jaguar I-PACE Black(2021)

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As car manufactures accept the future of the automobile lies in all-electric powered vehicles they know they need to produce more appealing styled cars to ensure customers continue to buy their brand. Jaguar is one manufacturer which has pushed the boundaries in car design producing the I-Pace full electric model. This vehicle has achieved global recognition and won multiple awards for its outstanding design. In a further bid to up the tempo Jaguar is now launching the I-Pace Black edition.

The Black variant includes a panoramic roof, privacy glass, and black gloss treatment on the mirror caps, grille, side window surrounds, and rear badges. 20- inch five spoke wheels are also finished in a gloss black to complete the look. The Black edition is available in a full range of colours including Aruba and Farallon Pearl Black premium metallic paints. Inside features Ebony leather sports seats with gloss black trim finishes. The Black also offers a wealth of technology designed to make the occupants journey even more enjoyable. Pivi Pro is the infotainment system and has an embedded SIM for music streaming and a Smartphone pack with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. In-addition the I-Pace can connect two phones simultaneously and an optional wireless device charging pad is situated beneath the “floating” centre console.

To ensure the comfort and well-being of the drivers and passengers the cabin has an air ionisation filtration system (PM2.5) to capture ultrafine airborne particles and allergies. The cabin can be filtered even before you begin a journey. Clear Sight digital rear-view mirror gives the driver an unobstructed view of the road behind from a camera linked to a screen behind the mirror. A switch allows the driver to choose between a standard mirror view or camera view.

294kW and 696Nm are produced from the two Jaguar-designed electric motors at each axle. The 11kW on-board charger makes home charging faster and more convenient for customers with three-phase electricity supply. When plugged into the 11kW wall box up to 53km of range can be achieved per hour of charging. A full charge takes only 8.6 hours, ideal for overnight charging. When charging “On the Go” the 60kW DC units found along the Jaguar Powerway Public charging network in South Africa can add up to 100km of range in just 20 minutes and charges of 0 – 80% in just over one hour.

The Black edition will be available in South Africa in the third quarter of the year with pricing announced closer to the launch time.

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