Kia Aims to Refine Ride and Polish Brand by Catherine Jones

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Kia Coupe Concept teaser image

As Kia marks its 16th year of production, their vehicles have come a long way. First started out as a bicycle company in the 1940s and early 50s, Kia has come out of its humble beginnings and into a totally renewed brand of vehicle. When Kia first entered two of their vehicles into America’s market in 1995, the Kia brand was barely known, having only been able to be purchased at first in only the western states. Another reason for not being popular at that time was because Kia was not so much known for their reliability and overall style as they were for their mere affordability. At that time, there were a lot of affordable cars such as the Honda and the Toyota that were already well known for their superb reliability.

It only took four years to remake their brand under their new guidance from Hyundai before Kia began to really make their mark in America, as well as the world. Kia’s vehicles are currently the product of the relentless pursuit towards perfection in their development and refinement. While the Kia brand was originally developed for the frugally conscious consumer, they have stayed true to this goal but have successfully added quality, style and reliability to what they are currently known for.

Kia’s Prestigious Vehicle Awards
Since 2012, Kia has won at least three design awards from Automotive Brand. Along with Kia’s new concentration on the development of more reliable and well-constructed vehicles, Kia’s Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer has made sure that his vehicle designs will get people’s attention and appreciation. After all, you may not be able to judge a car from its cover, but looks sure do help with the overall purchase decision making process. Mr. Schreyer’s designs take into maximum consideration the safety of the vehicle as well. All Kia vehicles offer standard advanced front and side impact air bag deployment with an advanced impact sensor system.

Environmentally Conscious Kia
Kia’s renewed strength in quality, style and comfort is a benchmark for their continued selling power and rising in the ranks. Kia’s interest in ongoing world environmental issues is something for which they are, arguably, the most innovative in change for the better. Kia has gained important recognition from the US EPA SmartWay Certification organization, being awarded a Certification Mark for being one of the cleanest, most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road today. This recognition is based on how much green-house gases are emitted and what the air pollution scores rank at for each vehicle make and model.

Kia has become a strong contender for top vehicle over the recent years and will continue to develop and innovate the world of vehicles. The company does not show any signs of slowing down with its improvements in body style, interior comfort, environmental friendliness and reliability. Kia may have been around for a while, now, but they are just starting to shine through their competition more consistently. Look for the Kia brand to start outshining them in the near future.


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