KIA XCeed and Imagine by Kia concept acclaimed in latest iF Design Awards.

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The Kia XCeed urban crossover and the Imagine by KIA concept have been awarded with prestigious 2020 iF Design Awards. Both vehicles demonstrate KIA Motors Corporations design-led approach to product development and the brand’s evolution in an age of electrified mobility.
KIA’s desire to champion and popularise exciting electric cars has led to the “Imagine by KIA concept winning a prize in the “Professional Concept” category. The XCeed was awarded in the “Product category” following the successful introduction of the new urban crossover to the European new car market in 2019.
Kia won its first award in in 2010 and has continued to win a vehicle award every single year since. The latest two achievements bring to 20 the total number of iF design awards Kia has won.
Head of Kia design centre Karim Habib recently appointed from Infiniti design centre said “Kia’s XCeed and Imagine by KIA concept represents a new vision and we are extremely proud of the team’s efforts which are being appreciated by customers all over the world.

Imagine by Kia concept………
This concept car is pure electric. A four door passenger car which combines a family sedan with a muscular sports utility vehicle. A low mounted induction-charged battery pack powers electric motors on each axle. This zero- emission electric power car was designed as the standard bearer for 21 st century motoring.

KIA XCeed………
A new urban crossover utility vehicle combines with compact SUV practicality and sporty hatchback.
Aimed at the growing desire among European drivers for cars which offer more emotion and dynamism than a SUV, both in looks and drive.
Designed exclusively for European customers at Kia’s European design studio in Frankfurt Germany.
The iF design award established in 1953, is one of the most prestigious design awards globally, organised each year by iF international Forum Design Gmbh in Hanover: the oldest independent design institution in the world.
In 2020, companies from 56 countries around the world participated in Awards making a combined total of 7,298 product submissions. Each judged by an international jury of 78 design experts.

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