Land Wing coming to South Africa

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Is this a blatant copy?

A car manufacturer in China has brought out a brand new model, the Landwing X7.  Have a look, do you recognise it?

land_wing_7_denunciaHere at DSG HQ, we think it looks a lot like one of these;


The Chinese manufacturer’s latest offering, is an SUV, it looked suspiciously familiar. The Landwing X7 has similar slim headlights, raised waistline the distinctive chunky front end and is even fitted with trendy black alloys. But priced at about R310 000, the X7 is a bargain compared with the Evoque’s R700 000-plus asking price.

Expect to see these on the roads in the next 3 months?  I am, sure that you would not have to wait six months for one either.


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