Mahindra Pik Up Automatic(2020) Review

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We Like: Higher cab height, comfortable seats, well priced, Infotainment system, Off-Road Performance.

We Don’t Like: B Pillar Feels little too far forward, interior rubber finishes around windows and all round build quality.

In Summary

  • Retail: R414 900
  • Engine: 2.2 mHawk Diesel 4cyl engine
  • Power/Torque: 108 kW/320 Nm
  • Transmission: 6-speed Automatic (is available in Manual our Pick)
  • Fuel consumption: 8.1L/100 km (claimed) 8.8/L /100 km (Achieved)
  • Payload capacity: 995 kg

With the definition of a Bakkie being skewed lately and turned into a pavement hopper with black wheels and all the bling you can think of it’s good to know that some bakkies are still made to work, and one such is the Mahindra Pik Up S11 Automatic.

These Pik Up’s are made for a difficult and relentless country so when they started to arrive in SA the farmer and business owners started to give them a second look. I’ve seen a number of them in the security industry and also a fair amount working on farms.

Performance, fuel economy and handling

Unfortunately, it goes without saying that the Mahindra Pik Up drives exactly like a pickup, it’s Big, slow, obnoxious, and has tons of torque pushing it along, and it’s all this torque that makes it extremely good off-road in 4×4 modes. You feel like your towering above any other car that dares stop next to you and when you park the rear will hang outside the parking spot, and that’s ok.

Fuel consumption is at a claimed 8.1/100km we achieved an average of 8.8L/100kms mixed driving.
Handling on the Pik Up is not direct and inspiring but comfortable and manageable, it’s got a poor turning circle so you’ll need to plan to get out of those tight spots and 3 pointers turn into a 5 point turn most times.

In terms of load-carrying ability, Mahindra claims a payload rating of 995 kg for this model.

Interior execution and features

The Pik Up S11 may look like a workhorse, but its cabin does not feel utilitarian; it’s decidedly SUV-like inside, which we think is a good thing. The cabin is roomy, the seats are comfortable and the front two have armrests on each seat which is welcomed. The rear bench is a little higher up than the front so you do feel like the rearward passengers are looking down on you. Legroom is sufficient but with 4 adults in the cab, it will start to feel cramped on a long journey.

The dashboard is stylish enough and the instrument cluster modern and functional. Its equipped with a 7inch touch screen in the centre as well as climate control.
It’s also worth noting that during our off-road testing on particularly rough terrain the Pik Up’s cabin’s never emitted a squeak or a rattle, it definitely feels a lot better built than previous generations.

Behind the wheel of the Pik-up

This flagship s11 that was on test is the 4×4 derivative and is equipped with a low-range transfer box that allows for easy shifting between 2H, 4H and 4L using a rotary dial on the transmission tunnel in arms reach. A mechanically locking rear differential is also standard. The Pik-Up seems pretty capable off-road, with low-range being sufficiently low enough to allow for strong crawling capability.

We did a good number of High way kilometers, hopped about the city, and even some off-roading, and the Mahindra Pik Up did all 3 exceptionally well, it’s easy to live with on a daily and even tho it’s big you get used to the size so quickly.


In many ways, the Mahindra Pik-Up pleasantly surprised us, other than the harder suspension and a bit of wind noise which you almost expect from a bakkie. There’s a pretty good reason why this bakkie is becoming more popular in the local market. It’s off-road capabilities and workhorse persona might be its selling point, but I would easily use it as a daily driver.

If you’re in the market for a new bakkie that needs to work, but also perform a family role come the weekend, then this is well worth a test drive and serious consideration.

The full range of Mahindra Pik Up models and Pricing:


Single Cab Pik Up Models

Mahindra Pik Up S4 4×2 SC: R212 499

Mahindra Pik Up S4 4×2 SC (AC): R219 499

Mahindra Pik Up S4 4×2 SC Dropside: R224 499

Mahindra Pik Up S4 4×2 SC Dropside (AC): R231 499

Mahindra Pik Up S4 4×4 SC: R251 499

Mahindra Pik Up S6 4×2 SC:  R266 499

Mahindra Pik Up S6 4×4 SC:  R311 499


Double Cab Pik Up Models

Mahindra Pik Up S6 4×2 DC:  R322499

Mahindra Pik Up S6 4×2 DC Karoo:  R336 499

Mahindra Pik Up S6 4×4 DC:  R354 499

Mahindra Pik Up S10 4×2 DC:  R356 499

Mahindra Pik Up S6 4×4 DC Karoo:  R366 499

Mahindra Pik Up S10 4×2 DC Karoo:  R364 499

Mahindra Pik Up S10 4×4 DC:  R388 499

Mahindra Pik Up S10 4×4 DC Karoo:  R394 499

Mahindra Pik Up S11 4×2 DC: R384 999

Mahindra Pik Up S11 4×2 DC Karoo: R399 999

Mahindra Pik Up S11 4×4 DC: R414 999

Mahindra Pik Up S11 4×4 DC Karoo: R429 999




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