Maserati MC20 (2021)

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Italian auto manufacturer Maserati is well known for producing prestige luxury sports cars. One of the first to offer a four-door model being the Ghibli and the Quattroporte Italian icons. Moving forward Maserati has moved into a new era for the Trident brand adding a true Super Sports car.

The MC20 is a Maserati which can storm round the track but also perform superlatively on the road with excellent driveability, comfort and safety. Reaching a top speed of 325 km/hr the MC20 is powered by a V6 Nettuno engine which delivers 0 – 100 km/hr in under 2,9 seconds, 0-200 km/hr in 8.8 seconds. Absolutely new patent protected turbo engine the Nettuno is 100% developed and build Italian. 630 horsepower, 3 000cc turbo engine designed component by component by the engine specialists of the Maserati technical department, it has the most advanced technology of any road-car engine on today’s market.

The dual (indirect and direct) injection system combined with the fuel delivery pressure of 350 bar, reduces noise at low rpm, cuts emissions and saves fuel. The automatic transmission is an 8-speed oil-immersed Duel-Clutch design with 6 power and two overdrive speeds to ensure emission compliance. Best-in-class weight/power ratio the MC20 is very light at under 1 500 kg and 2.33 kg/hp. Entire chassis is in carbon fibre allowing the creation of shapes which would be impossible with press-formed metal. The butterfly doors are an obvious example.

The unique style of the MC20 combines iconic features of the traditional Maserati with clean innovated aerodynamics completely wind-tunnel designed. A car which will impress on the track and on the Apennine mountain roads above Modena, which have always been the Maserati proving grounds.

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