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Time to evolve the electrification of Lexus with the introduction of the UX 300e launched with a newly developed battery pack capable of a cruising range of 450 kms and offering a host of performance and safety features.
With cumulative sales of Lexus electrified vehicles of 2.3 million units since introduction to the global market, the brand is accelerating their development of electric models to ensure the company contributes to a carbon free society.


The new battery pack increases capacity from 54.4 kWh to 72.8 kWh resulting in a 40% better cruising range (450 kms) than before. The low centre of gravity created by the under-floor placement of the battery pack gives the UX 300e a natural performance advantage, as do the more refined dynamics, body rigidity and rear performance dampers. The Electric Power Steering and shock absorbers are optimally tuned for the all-electric model.

The UX 300e takes full advantage of the electric powertrain configuration as the vehicle does not carry front-heavy objects such as an engine allowing heavier components to be placed towards the centre of the vehicle for optimum front/rear weight distribution and movement of inertia. The positioning of the batteries not only provide a low centre of gravity but also acts as a sound barrier from road noise on gravel roads for example. The result is a comfortable, quiet interior space.

UX 300e Specifications:
Cruising Range 450 kms
Energy Consumption 166.7 Wh/km
Battery Capacity 72.8 kWh
Maximum Output 150 kW
Maximum Torque 300 Nm

The Lexus UX 300e is under study and will be announced shortly should it be introduced to the South African market

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