New Volkswagen Amarok

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When driving on South African roads and you spot a “Bakkie,” you often must look a few times to identify if it is a Toyota, Isuzu, or Ford as they all look so similar. This will not apply to the recently globally launched VW Amarok as the exterior design is so different from anything else on the road you will know right away it is the mighty Amaroc.

Introduced to the world on 7th July 2022 the new Volkswagen Amaroc will be launched in South Africa at a media event later in the year. Unfortunately, potential buyers will have to be a little more patient as the Amaroc will only be available to purchase in the first quarter of 2023.

The current Volkswagen Amaroc came to the SA market in November 2010 selling 41,422 units until now. The Amaroc soon became known for not only the retail price positioned at the top end of the segment but also being the most powerful Bakkie on South African roads. The new Amaroc was designed in Germany and Australia and will be built in South Africa. 

Becoming bigger, more powerful, more athletic, and more charismatic. The new exterior design styling is far more “American” looking especially the muscular aggressive front end and will be offered in three specification variants, “Amarok”, “Life” and “Style”. Two other variants will further be introduced, “Pan American” (off-road styling) and “Aventura” (exclusive styling).


Measuring 5 350mm in length which is 96mm longer than its predecessor and a wheelbase of 3 270mm an extra 173mm longer than the current model, the new Amaroc will have the capability to carry large loads of up to 1.2 tonnes. A further impressive improvement is the 3.5 tonnes maximum towing capacity. Available in four-door double cab and two door single cab. A new range of wheel options will be offered depending on the derivative and will be sold with ex-factory all-terrain tyres. The large silhouette wheel arches remain in the design which are half rounded as before making the side view especially striking on both cab versions. 

The interior will offer digital cockpit and tablet style infotainment display with a 10 or 12-inch screen. Improved premium ergonomically designed seats which have a higher specification than before and can be electrically adjusted into multiple positions. 

Four turbo diesel engines and one turbocharged petrol engine have been developed for the new vehicle. All operate efficiently and have elevated levels of torque. For the African market it is the basic four-cylinder 2.0 litre TDI delivering 110 kW that will be used. The engine for the top-end variants will be a 3.0 litre V6 providing output of 177kW. Lastly a 2.3 litre turbocharged petrol engine has also been designed specifically for the traditional petrol engine markets. (The engines that will be available for SA will be announced at a later stage).

The new Amaroc range comes with thirty driver assist systems, twenty of them which will be found in the range for the first time. 

South Africans can be proud the Amaroc will be built in our country with the launch later in the year not only focused on the local market but motoring journalists from around the world will attend the event. 

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