Nissan’s coolest city car gets a radical makeover by an international artist

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Nissan has teamed up with a world-renowned street artist to transform the all-new Micra, which is engineered for the streets, into a striking example of modern art at The City of Gold Urban Art Festival taking place from October 7-13, 2018 in Johannesburg.

Established by graffiti and tattoo artist Rasty Knayles, who is the founder of Joburg’s only gallery dedicated to street art, the Grayscale Gallery, The City of Gold Festival will take over Braamfontein for seven days and will see international street artists join their local counterparts to make our streets come alive with millions of colours.

Nissan is pitching in to support the growing street art community by bringing Isaac Malakkai, a Spanish illustrator and street artist, who now lives in Denmark, to Joburg for the festival. Nissan will also provide a rather unique canvas for Malakkai to work his magic on – the Nissan Micra, which is all about challenging conventions in city car design, comfort and performance, so it’s a perfect fit for a cutting-edge artist whose very art-form defies convention.

With its sculpted body and strong, sharp character lines, the bold Micra is hard to ignore and the model getting the special treatment from Malakkai will be nothing short of stunning. The all-new Nissan Micra is for the original. The open-minded. The ones who rather stand out than fit in. That look for a fresh perspective that challenges the status quo. What better collaboration to have than with the street-art community.

You can watch Malakkai tagging the Micra with a whole new look for the street from 12pm to 5pm at 19 Henri Street, Braamfontein on 7 October. Nissan will also be live-streaming the event on the Nissan South Africa Facebook page. Join in the fun with the hashtags #MicraXStreetArt and #MicraVSAG for the Virtual Street Art Gallery.

During the week-long festival, large walls around the inner city will be painted to give some of our worn streets an edgy new look and alongside film screenings, and exhibitions, you can join artists and local experts, Past Experiences for their daily street art and graffiti walking tours.

The festival seeks to highlight the positive aspects of this art-form and to involve the general public in creating a heightened awareness, and appreciation for it. Various events will take place at different locations in the city of Joburg.

The City of Gold Exhibition showcases the artists participating in the festival and will be open to the public until the end of October. The event will include live painting by some of the participating artists.

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