Porsche’s Panamera will get a brother, and it will be a production version of the Sport Turismo Concept.

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Those of you who are Porsche fans will remember that the German automaker unveiled a concept named Panamera Sport Turismo back in 2012. Since then, the project was slightly postponed, but we have seen spyshots of the future shooting break from Porsche last year. With that in mind, people were beginning to wonder when Porsche will reveal the second body style of the Panamera range.

The Brits at Car Magazine have spoken to Dr. Stefan Utsch, the director of sales and marketing for the Panamera, who has confirmed that a “five-door shooting brake” version of this model will be revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

As you can understand, the Porsche official didn’t provide the full name of the next variant of the Panamera, which means that “Sport Turismo” remains on the table.

We know that the new body style will have a different tailgate, and it will feature a raised roofline. Porsche will have another practical car in its lineup once this is introduced, but without having a third SUV in its portfolio.

According to Oliver Blume, the current CEO of Porsche, the second body style in the Panamera range will not ditch the four-seat layout at the moment of launch.

That may change later on in the production cycle of the product. So you could expect to see a five-seat Panamera “Sport Turismo” in a few years from now, if Porsche discovers that it has demand for this kind of vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Panamera shooting brake is expected to share powertrains with the four-door coupe, and its technologies and interior will also be borrowed. The German brand hopes that the new body style will prove popular in Europe, while the regular Panamera is attractive to customers in China and the USA.

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