Pricing announced for new Land Rover Defender in South Africa starting from R948k (2020)

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After 64 years of producing 2 million vehicles the last built Land Rover Defender rolled off the production line at the end of January 2016. 70% of this iconic model are still driving the roads somewhere in the world and the
Defender still has a loyal following from customers who have loved this famous “Landy” which is recognisable in every corner of the globe. Jump ahead four years later and the order books are open for the all new Defender 110 long wheelbase available to customers from June 2020 and the Defender 90 short wheelbase later in the year. With minimum overhangs resulting in excellent off-road geometry this Land Rover Defender is the most capable Land Rover ever made. In South Africa the Defender 110 models are offered in four Accessory packs with the Adventure pack being the most popular for our local market. Since the world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019, many South Africans have shown a great interest in the new 4×4 Defenders. The Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban are the four accessory packs available. Land Rover SA has had in excess of 76,000 visits to its website and over 9,000 digital Defender brochures have been downloaded.

Trim levels for both bodies comprise top of the range X models as well as Standard, S, ES, HSE specification packs. An exclusive “First Edition” model features a unique specification and will be available throughout the first year of production. The new Defender 110 and 90 body designs will initially be available with a range of powerful engines including the D240 diesel and a P300 petrol. The range topping engine will be the P400 straight six petrol with mid-hybrid (MHEV) engine technology. The iconic 4×4 embraces 21 st century technologies and introduces Land Rovers Pivi infotainment, which features an intuitive interface and its own back-up battery for always-on response. Order Online: Build your own Defender 110 or 90 from 12,000 configurations on the Land Rover South Africa web site.

  • New Defender Pricing (including vat excluding CO2)Defender 90…..
    177kw D240 Standard R948,000
    177kw D240 S R996,000
    177kw D240 SE R1,060,200
    177kw D240 HSE R1,156,600
    177kw D240 First Edition R1,142,200
    221kw P300 Standard R948,000
    221kw P300 S R996,000
    221kw P300 SE R1,060,200
    221kw P300 HSE R1,156,600
    294kw P400 Standard R1,078,400
    294kw P400 S R1,113,800
    294kw P400 SE R1,172,500
    294kw P400 HSE R1,268,900
    294kw P400 First Edition R1,254,500
    294kw P400 X R1,486,700


  • Defender 110……
    177kw D240 Standard R999,000
    177kw D240 S R1,042,800
    177kw D240 SE R1,099,500
    177kw D240 HSE R1,198,700
    177kw D240 First Edition R1,199,500
    221kw P300 Standard R999,000
    221kw P300 S R1,042,800
    221kw P300 SE R1,099,500
    221kw P300 HSE R1,198,700
    294kw P400 Standard R1,129,400
    294kw P400 S R1,168,800
    294kw P400 SE R1,224,300
    294kw P400 HSE R1,320,700
    294kw P400 First Edition R1,310,400
    294kw P400 X R1,498,400

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