Range Rover Velar plug in hybrid

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At the end of 2017 Range Rover launched its all new Velar model, a mid-sized luxury SUV which sits between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport. Now 3 years later the Velar plug-in hybrid has been introduced as an option in the Range Rover line-up.

The new 2.0 litre four-cylinder P400e plug-in hybrid offers a smooth and refined drive producing a combined 297 kW and 640zNm of torque from its 221kW petrol engine and 76kW electric motor achieving an impressive 0-100km/hr in 5.4 seconds. The A 17.1 Wh lithium-ion battery, located under the boot floor, can be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes using a fast DC charge point or 1 hour 40 minutes using a standard 7kW wall box. In all-electric mode the vehicle can travel 53kms with zero tailpipe emissions. Other features are also being introduced with the new Velar model in order to update the technology. Pivi and Pivi Pro are intelligent systems which transforms the digital experience inside the Velar. Integrated digital screens with state-of-the art infotainment systems which also allow customers to access software updates “over-the-air’ reducing the need to visit a retailer to update graphics, navigation maps, and Apps. Blue tooth connectivity for two phones is a first and software modules via the touchscreen allow streaming of music and media.

New cabin Air Filtration system enhances the relaxing and clean sanctuary inside the Velar reducing levels of harmful particles, pollen and even odours. Another tech feature is the wearable Activity Key which can totally replace the traditional fob key. A water-resistant, shock-proof wrist device now incorporates an LCD watch and allows customers to start and stop, lock and unlock the vehicle. The new steering wheel design has integrated smart buttons ready to receive the latest ADAS software updates over-the-air. A tactile new Drive selector now replaces the rotary gear selector.

The Range Rover Velar edition provides more customer choices and features a combination of exterior and interior updates. Enhancements include a black contrast roof and matching 20-inch black alloy wheels for a sophisticated presence. Available in in Lantau Bronze metallic paint as well as the new Hakuba Silver, Santorini Black or Eiger Grey.

The new Velar will be available in South Africa in the first half of next year with pricing to be made available closer to the time.

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