Teaser of the New VW Amarok(2022)

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In South Africa the Volkswagen Amarok is known to be the fastest and most powerful “Bakkie” on the market. Its therefore no surprise the all new Amarok for launch in 2022 will be manufactured in South Africa for both local and global consumption.

South Africa and other countries such as Australia use the Amarok “Pick-up” for tasks no ordinary 2×2 vehicle could perform. Transporting medicine to remote locations, protecting wildlife or saving lives on beaches are just a few of the jobs the Amarok has been involved in. Any matter requiring a vehicle which can negotiate challenging country tracks or off-road terrain the new Amarok is the Bakkie of choice.

Upgraded new appearance inside and out and added extensive equipment on board makes the new Amarok desirable to both private buyers and business users. The new third generation has a striking front end and will be produced in Silverton South Africa. Over the last decade more than 800 000 vehicles have been sold globally, solving challenges for their owners and drivers on many continents. 

The V6-cylinder diesel engines will power the new Amarok focused on sales in the southern Hemisphere, it will also be possible to order this vehicle as a new Amarok in Europe from late 2022.

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