The number of 500s made in Poland reaches 2.5 million!

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You see them on the road in South Africa and in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Japan to mention just a few countries in the world. The Fiat 500 just achieved 2.5 million models produced at Stellantis the Fiat plant in Tychy Poland. This is a record for a single model production at this factory.

The actual 2.5 million model manufactured was a 500 Hybrid equipped with a 70 – hp mild hybrid engine, an efficient compact lightweight hybrid power unit reducing consumption and emissions. This variant was Fiats entry-point into the world of electrification and quickly made Fiat an undisputed benchmark in Europe for electrified urban mobility.

The Fiat 500 has been a great success on International markets reaching customers in over 100 countries across the globe. Although an Italian icon, almost 80% of the 500 are sold outside Italy making it Fiats most International Ambassador under the made in Italy banner. In Europe in 2020 the Fiat 500 commanded 17.7% market share in the city car segment for the second year running. It also clocked up numerous awards achieving 60 international trophies since production began. These include “Car of The Year 2008”, “Eurocarbody 2007”. Auto Europa 2008”. World Car Design of the Year 2009”, Golden Compass 2009, and “The Most beautiful Car in The World”.

It’s amazing to know the Fiat 500 car was first launched in 1957 and over 6.7 million units have been sold worldwide. This confirms the car appeals to all generations, ages, tastes, and nationalities and the strategy of continuing to evolve the identity has kept the car current.

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