The Shoe Inspired FIAT 500L-Vans Design Concept by Angela White

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Fiat has long had a firm foothold in the market of small, fuel efficient and cool looking cars. The Fiat 500 has been a staple throughout Europe for years and the sexy little car company has made quite a splash in America as well. Eager to expand their markets, Fiat has come up with an exciting new concept vehicle sure to appeal to car enthusiasts around the world, especially those with surfer hearts.

In July at the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing in California, Fiat unveiled a new version of its 500L, the 500L-Vans design concept. Taking inspiration from Vans original hi-top shoe this design concept takes the 500L and submerses it in surfer culture, giving it not only a new look, but a new feel. On the outside the design is brilliant, with a two-tone paint job of blue and white with dark gray accents. The car has 18-inch matte black wheels that give it a beefed up, sport look. It also has smoked lamp surrounds that add to the sporty, surfer look.

The roof carries a Vans checkerboard pattern that sits beneath a roof mounted surf board carrier. There are four LED driving lights that are open in the center to give the car a distinctive look. Two more fog lights have been added for an extra feeling of sportiness. Inside the car the inspiration of Vans is everywhere. Company stickers are splashed across the dashboard and the seats are made from canvas just like the famous shoes. The canvas is a fabulous blue and white with vintage throw back palm trees on it for a perfectly tropical feel. On the step pads, the cladding, the grille inserts, and even the pedals and storage bins, there appears the Van’s trademark waffle sole pattern creating an irrepressible feeling of surf, sand, and fun.

The Vans Design Concept is more about the look and feel of the car than the speed. The drivetrain of car is entirely stocked with a solid 160 horsepower 1.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine. There is a six -speed manual transmission for a gearbox as well. While not much has changed mechanically with the car, the new look is more than dazzling. The solid mechanics already in place for the 500L will remained in the 500L-Vans design concept. Fiat has yet to reveal if they will be selling the car to the masses in the future but sexy, sporty ride would be one anyone would be like to take to the coast and back.

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