This is a rear-drive modified Lambo with 610Kws

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When Lamborghini relieved the Huracan of its front driveshaft, thus making it rear-wheel drive, it also cut power from 449Kws to ‘just’ 427Kws. The lighter, edgier LP580-2 would still do 0-100Km/h in less than 3.5 seconds and nudge 320km/h flat out, though. And for the first time, pull big, smokey slides in the process.

Novitec’s Huracan will also do smokey drifts. Bigger ones, if the power figure is anything to go buy. To the naturally-aspirated V10 the German tuner has bolted two – yes, two – superchargers, taking total output to an unnecessary 819bhp. This is the rear-drive one, remember

It’s also added an aero kit, dropped the suspension by 35mm and fitted a lighter, louder exhaust. Performance figures haven’t been released, but a top speed way north of 350Km/h – wing and all – sounds likely. The 0-100km/h time is likely to be limited by, you know, the science of traction.

And it looks…ok? There are certainly uglier, more outrageous conversions out there. This one’s almost discrete in comparison. Internet, would you have your Huracan Novitec’d?

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