Updated Toyota GR SUPRA with manual gearbox

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The Toyota Supra was first introduced to the market in 1978 and soon became known for its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine. The latest model sold fifty units in South Africa in 2021 and competed in various motorsports, confirming the supra is a model that can be enjoyed on both public roads and racing circuits.

Now five major enhancements have been made to the Supra including the introduction of a manual gear box option for the 3.0 models to complement the high-output engine and supremely capable chassis.

Enhancement 1: Improved steering and suspension.

Adaptive Variable Suspension, modified stabilizer bushings for improved initial steering response and revised chassis control system. AVS, electric power steering and Vehicle Stability Control for improved overall steering feel and control when pushed to its limits.

Enhancement 2: Newly available manual transmission on 3.0 models.

Six-speed manual transmission for the joy of driving powered by a high-output engine. Spherical weighted shift knob for ease of grip and operation. iMT system where the drivers clutch and shifting operations match the control of the engine, contributing to smoother comfortable sporty ride. Revised final drive ratio tailor performance to the manual ‘cog-swapping.’

Enhancement 3: Newly designed 19-inch forged wheels on the 3.0 models only.

Forged aluminium 19-inch wheels with revised spoke and cross section shapes for lighter weight and higher rigidity. New Premium Titanium Dark Silver paint to create a motorsport-like and feel. Weight reduction of 1.2kg per wheel. Improved ride comfort and handling stability.

Enhancement 4: Adoption of exterior colours.

Two new exterior colours, Iridescent Grey Metallic and Sapphire Blue Metallic.

Enhancement 5: Enhanced sound system.

Improved sound quality through optimal sound tuning of the JBL Premium Sound System.

The new Supra with all the above enhancements will make its debut at “The Festival of Motoring” taking place at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in August 2022. Dealer ordering from May 22 with sales commencing in the last quarter of the year. Both Manual and Auto 3.0T variants will be offered with pricing announced at launch time.

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