What to Look for When Choosing a Vespa LX 150ie

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It used to be widely known that the Vespa motor that is widely used by parents. But over time, the Italian motorcycle is now also used by many young people for daily activities and hanging out. Modern classic design easily modified to suit the character of the owner and still stylish.

Before the Vespa LX 150ie proposed in the second condition, note well the first few parts. “Check the electrical system, make sure the electric starter works normally,” said Iman, Chief Mechanical Piaggio Kalimalang. If the starter is not normal, can be derived from the start to come up short battery or starter relay that began to weaken.

Then also check the speedometer, the needle is usually the motor speed is often silly, like up and down alone. If it happens so, the possibility of coil needle in it started to create problems, as the solution can be added to the ring on the speedometer needle holder.

The rest, is still rarely found in the Vespa LX 150ie problem. The most frequent complaints are vibrating in the CVT area, should be checked regularly to overcome. However, because this bike has a European specification, so that the standard was pretty low position and often stuck bump in Indonesia.

For the market price of used motorcycles, Vespa LX 150ie still around USD 19-21 million in standard conditions. If there additions modifications and accessories, the price could be higher possibility.

– The front brakes have been using disc brakes
– Seat is quite comfortable occupied
– The volume of luggage under the seat large enough

– Can the speedometer needle up and down themselves if problematic
– Standard stuck the middle frequently bump
– Network aftersales service is still a little
– CVT easily shakes
– Relay starter frequent crashes

Who the hell are not familiar with this legendary brand that one? The products look different from the other bike. The figure is a brand made famous Italian Vespa Piaggio ie. Vespa has a unique shape with indentations at each corner of its body. If you are riding a motorcycle made in this Piaggio, classic impression will be felt immediately because the motor of this scooter is designed as such to the lovers of classic motorcycles. Currently Piaggio Vespa has developed this product to be better, various changes were made to make this bike more comfortable and environmentally friendly. This time Mas Sena will provide pricing information vespa matic 2014.

Various changes have been made Piaggio attracted to the classic motorcycle. Such a change in the engine once using the 2-stroke engine is now transformed into matic machine. This proves that the Piaggio keen to innovate on products that are not only sector Vespa uniqueness of body shapes are favored, but in terms of engine, comfort, and safety also be improved to be more beloved Vespa motorcycle enthusiast. As we know alone in Indonesia, many communities are very fanatic Vespa lovers. They modify their Vespa into a cool look and daring. Well then what the price of the Vespa in 2014 in Indonesia?Vespa_LX150ie-600x400

When talking about the price of 2014 Vespa of course, we need to consider the latest variants of the Vespa sold in Indonesia. Vespa – Piaggio’s new Vespa basically has the same body shape of Piaggio Vespa in antiquity as the 1960s. As there own foothold for her legs, which made the round headlamp or box, right and left body parts which are typical Vespa protruding shell, etc.. This proves that Piaggio did not want to leave the impression of a classic in the product vespanya clear with new product designs that remain classics. Because the sale value of the Piaggio Vespa know is bodynya design unique, classic, and different from the others. Then if you are still curious about the price of a new 2014 Vespa matic?

In Indonesia, the price of 2014 Vespa priced more expensive than regular motor made in Japan. If the motor just plain playing in a number of tens of millions, then it can play Piaggio motorcycles in the 30’s million figure for its products. But for the price of Vespa lovers seem not to be a problem, because it is well-known Vespa lovers loyal to products made Piaggio. Arguably this product has no competition because other brands play in different sectors of the motor. This makes Matic 2014 Vespa price remains stable in the Indonesian market and have a high selling value.

2014 Vespa price range for this type of motor has several variants are exclusive and elegant. In Indonesia there are many variants such as the Vespa LX 125, LX 150 IE 3V, the Vespa S, Primavera, New Sprint, Vespa 946, etc.. Each product has a body shape and different specifications. The price also there are hundreds of millions Harga Vespa Sprint 150 ie Indonesia.

That’s the latest price list 2014 Vespa successful Semisena collected. Price above the price of On The Road to Surabaya and East Java. For other areas may be little difference in the price of the Vespa. For more details you can direct the data again to the nearest Piaggio dealer in your city. The last paragraph is the closing price information vespa matic 2014. Thank you for visiting the site Mas Sena. See also Specifications and Price Honda Verza 150 2014 and Specifications and Price Honda Supra X 125 FI 2014.

I like to brandnya Piaggio – Vespa, but between LX and I took the Honda PCX PCX 150 The reason is more a matter of timing. When I again took early 2013 as the successor Skywave matic. Vespa lines in Indonesia are upset-galaunya, because at that time the Vespa was spending the rest of the stock 2 valve, 3 temporal valvenya I know will surely come but the when I do not know. Buy 2 valve ya doing? Discounts are also not how.

When another upset, I heard no info PCX 150 ready stock, white, cash may also be… while I know PCX generally pivot and 7 months of that time. So there is a “special case” for me time to get the PCX.

Before exiting any Vespa 3 valve, fellow lovers of Piaggio – Vespa too much whispered, what is his prowess 3 valve? Even later came out, the effect is how the hell? Add kenceng? Add economical? yes… dikiiittt effect, the marketing mah only! Vespa look so new! WAAA, yes well I was confirmed as well.

The friend returned to continue, weve elu still want LX? First time a new entry is looked cool, but now what? Eaaa, the friend who had originally wanted to take the LX together eventually take the GTS. I think it’s time, the GTS is too much for me, too expensive for daily use, it can certainly CCnya 250 and racing, but also for what speeding in Classic Vespa? The price GTS also crazy. Yes if you want to grab a speeding ya Ninja wrote gentlemen.

So ultimately as a matter of timing, I finally took the PCX. Now even the Harga Vespa Sprint 150ie Indonesia 3vavle and PCX 150 if the circumstances are equally ready stock, I think I still choose PCX. Another matter if LXV. Hmmm…

Now the friend say again, already selling deh lu PCX to, take… LXV.

Ok that is me… a matter of timing, now try to talk the bike…

Alau contest between PCX vs. LX specs, if you want ngalahin sultilah PCX. Tire sizes ranging from 14 which seems more appropriate, it also feels a 150 cc was really 150 cc, aka more kenceng and powerful. PCX sitting position is also more comfortable, not to mention talk baggage.

Surely LX has advantages about image and lifestyle. Principal of Piaggio Indonesia know about it, so rarely seen Vespa print ad talking about specs. Proffered more about the Vespa lifestyle. Not that PCX does not have a “lifestyle” but offered the LX can not be replaced with the PCX. Buy Vespa LX like to buy tickets to the gateway to coolness. The buyer LX has nothing to PROVE, if there are other more kenceng motors, more efficient, more sophisticated – yes like I give a FCUK Harga Vespa Sprint 150 ie.

The conclusion finally how? Who is better? It’s up to you dong, 2-2nya good!

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