Yamaha Cross Hub concept is a motorbike-carrying SUV

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25 Oct, 2017 11:00am Lawrence Allan

Yamaha follow up 2015 sports car concept with unusual pickup-style SUV at the Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha has once again branched out from motorcycles to showcase a new concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show. The latest vehicle, called the Cross Hub, is a combination of a pick-up and an SUV, and follows on from the 2013 Motiv and 2015 Sports Ride concepts.

Very little detail was given about the Cross Hub concept at Yamaha’s show conference, but we do know that it’s targeted at Yamaha enthusiasts who lead an active, urban lifestyle. The 4.5m long SUV features an open, wood-trimmed loadbay that’s capable of carrying two of the brand’s motorcycles.

It features plenty of sharp creases and angular lines, with a beak like bonnet separating two long, horizontal headlights. The pick-up bay at the back is almost separated from the cabin, thanks to a pair of large, floating buttresses connected to the B-pillars, while it rides on huge chromed wheels sitting inside chunky wheel arches.

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