Suzuki Auto breaking new records in sales.

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In SA the rand is falling, the economy is static, unemployment is at its highest level in years and a killer virus is on its way. Another reality in today’s market is the decline of motor car sales across almost all brands offered in South Africa. But not for Suzuki Auto, they are achieving levels of sales never seen before.

More customers walked into a Suzuki dealership in February than ever before, leading Suzuki Auto to break its one month old sales record and giving the brand its best start to the New Year. Selling 1,696 units in February (Naamsa report) it broke the January record of 1,631 units and sets an all-time new record for sales.

It’s hard to believe that Suzuki Auto only broke through the 1,000 unit a month barrier in August 2017. Since then they have smashed their sales record on numerous occasions while the overall market has continued to decline. Vehicle sales overall in the market declined by 0.7% to 43,485 units in line with Naamsa’s prediction that overall sales would finish in the red in 2020 following a poor performance in 2019.

With only two months under its belt Suzuki Auto has sold 3,327 units only three years after celebrating achieving in excess of 10,000 units in 12 months. Divisional manager Andre Venter believes the success lies in the range of affordable models offering superb value both in the initial selling price, the running costs, and the after sales service.

Among Suzuki’s best sellers are the Swift at 761 units sold in February, the Ertiga at 192 units and the Ignis at 128 units. The segment for light commercial vehicles, the Super Carry sold 62 units.

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